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Welcome to NDS, the UK's leading Saab Specialist

saab 900 engine

Saab's have always offered a unique combination of style, comfort, performance and reliability, providing  drivers with something a little different from the usual alternatives.   They're capable of sustaining these qualities over huge mileages if properly looked after.

Here are some basic tips to keep them running at their best:

Check fluids regularly and make sure they're topped up to the correct level.  They shouldn't change that much but if you notice a drop, make sure you get it checked out.  It could be a cheap fix which averts a more expensive failure later on.


Check tyre pressures every month and adjust pressures if you're carrying heavy loads. Incorrect   pressures can have a detrimental effect on handling and economy.


Keep to the recommended service intervals and work schedules. Replacing basic service items and consumables will prolong the life of your car, more than anything else.


Think about having a gearbox service, especially if you have an automatic. Changing the auto transmission fluid (ATF) can dramatically improve the way a gearbox performs and will prolong it's life. In manual cars the clutch fluid should be clean and to the correct level.  It's cheap to do, replacing the gearbox is not!


On older and higher mileage cars consider changing the timing chain or belt and tensioner.  It's a job worth doing as failure is usually catastrophic and could render your prized car beyond economic repair.

Whatever you drive, it always pays to look after your car. If you hear any unfamiliar clonks or sounds, or even if you think your car just doesn't seem like it should, we're happy to have a look and give you some advice without obligation.  Remember, better safe than sorry!